About Us

Disability Benefit Specialists exists to create awareness  to help Canadians with disabilities recover tax credits from the Canadian Government.

At Disability Benefit Specialists, we take pride in the customer service we provide to our clients.  Your case is important to us and our staff look forward to working with you to establish your claim with the Canadian government.

The complex Canadian tax code makes it difficult for disabled individuals to advocate for themselves or for a loved to receive benefits that they are due.  Our goal is to streamline this process, make it easy to participate, and to maximize the benefit that you or a family member may receive.

When people are asked about their experience with the program, a common response is:

“It’s almost as if the program is designed to stymie people and create frustration” 

Let us handle the frustration.  You simply provide us with the details and then we go to work on your behalf.

If the process were as simple as the Government suggests, many more people would be claiming credits that are due to them.  This information gap has been filled by Disability Benefit Specialists.

We reach out to a number of different people in the disabled community and help people to have their claims processed.  Call today or fill out a form in order to see if you qualify.


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